Facebook Poke

Yes, those constant pokes you receive from good and “not so good” friends alike. What does it mean. What’s the meaning of a facebook poke? Is it a flirting signal? What should you do in response? People poke their friends or friends of friends on Facebook for a lot of reasons (ex: just saying hello,

Create A New Facebook Account

This is how to create a new Facebook account, If you plan to create an account on the most widely known social network on earth — Facebook, it is free and simple to create and it requires nothing but just a couple of minutes and your smartphone. A facebook account will enable you to contact

Update Facebook App

Updating your facebook app regularly is necessary for security purposes. Fixing of bugs and the likes happens regularly. You need to use update the app to take advantage of all these. It is an important question because there are series of upgrade that occasionally take place, including the all important Facebook live, a streaming video

How To Logout Of My Facebook Account

You may ask, ‘how do i logout of my facebook account‘ and I will tell you that there is an effortless method that will help you log out your facebook profile in a simple manner. You don’t need to be frustrated because it is not tough. How Do I Logout Of My Facebook Account So,

How to Delete Facebook Account

How to permanently delete my facebook account in 2017. It will still work for 2018 though. Welcome to our delete your facebook account tutorial page. I will show you a step-wise guide to deleting your Facebook account in 2017. Please note that deleting of account is quite different from account deactivation. FB account deletion is

Best Way To Block And Unblock People On Facebook

One of the greatest communication tool that ensures you stay connected with your loved ones is Facebook. Another function of Facebook is it unique ability to keep you abreast with events happening around the world. But most times, the ties we build with others in the form of friendship may be broken and we vent

Unblock Someone On Facebook Android App

I’m sure you are no more interested in blocking that pesky facebook friend of yours. Do you want to unblock this person on facebook? This is how to unblock someone on facebook android app. How To Unblock Someone On a Facebook Android App step 1: Click on the menu link on your facebook android app.

Delete / Clear Facebook Search History

Not even going to ask why. But here’s how to Clear Facebook Search History on different devices. Deleting Facebook Search History on Desktop Do it on the desktop: Click on the Facebook Search bar. Click on the Edit option in the top-right corner of the Facebook Search bar.  Alternatively, you can go to your timeline page and

How to view your blocked list on facebook

Do you want to find out ‘How to view your blocked list on facebook’ if you need to unblock the friends you have blocked on facebook, how do you do that? It should be a routine activity on facebook that you find your block list, you that in case you have blocked a friend in

Facebook Charging Hoax – This is the Latest Update

Facebook will NOT start charging you – don’t be fooled by this reappearing seven-year-old hoax You may have noticed people on your Facebook News Feed posting a message that warns “Facebook will begin to charge fees” tomorrow morning. Well it’s a hoax, and one that the Facebook help centre describes as a “common myth”. The