Facebook Account Deletion Epitaph

What’s an epitaph? How does it apply to facebook. Should you make one before deleting your Facebook account?

See answers to all these questions here.

What’s an Epitaph? It’s an inscription on or at a tomb or a grave in memory of the one buried there.

In the facebook context; Epitaph will mean a piece of information displayed on a deleted facebook account. This is what your former facebook friends would see if they try view your deleted facebook account.

facebook epitaph

Setting an Epitaph before Deleting your Facebook Account

There’s no rule in writing a facebook account epitaph. The idea is just to communicate your absence on the social network.

It could go something along the lines of;

Just deleted my facebook account, I will not be available via Facebook from this point

You can contact my via my@email.com

I’m off facebook, Please delete any data in your Facebook account that involves me. This includes conversations we’ve had and photos of me that you can part with.

Please respect my privacy and avoid posting anything in future that personally identifies me.

Thank you.

You can personalize these epitaph to pass any message you want. To ensure enough people have the opportunity to see it, consider delaying account deletion for a few days.

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