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Change your email address on Facebook

You previous email might have been compromised. Here is how to change your email address on Facebook social network. On Your Facebook Application: Click on the menu button at the top right hand of the Facebook page Scroll down and tap on “Account settings” Tap on “General” Tap on “Email” Tap on “Add Email Address” to add the new email

Create Facebook Event

Facebook events – Here is a quick guide on creating a new event on facebook – either on the web or via the mobile app. How to create a public event on Facebook ON YOUR FACEBOOK APPLICATION: Click on the menu button at the top right-hand of your Facebook page Scroll down and click on “Events”

Turn off Facebook Location

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of Facebook logging their every location. Here is a guide on turning off your Facebook location. To either turn your location on or off, just go into your Facebook settings, find APPS on the list click the arrow on the side, then click APPS OTHER USERS, scroll down

Delete a Facebook Album

How do I delete my facebook album you ask? This post will show you a quick guide on how to delete your facebook album immediately. Some albums (ex: Profile Pictures) can’t be deleted, but you can delete photos in those albums. Deleting an album also deletes photos in the album. Once you delete an album,

Add admin to a facebook page

Here is how to add an admin to a facebook page: Do you want to add an admin to your Facebook page? This post will show you a step by step guide (with pictures) on how to go about it.   Step 1: Go to your Facebook page (link)   Step 2: Select your page

Recover Facebook Password

The thing with using unique passwords for different accounts is that we might eventually forget some. Did you just forget your Facebook account password? Don’t worry, this post will show you an easy way to recover it fast. Method #1: Reset Facebook Password by Using Default Email Every Facebook account is created either by using

Change Your Facebook Page Name

Rebranding a Facebook page entirely is something we might all want to do once in a while. It starts with changing the name of the Facebook page. Here is how to change the name on facebook page. Do you would like to know How to Change Name On Facebook Page? Might be you misspelled the name

Delete Facebook Account Link Permanently | Deactivate Facebook Account | Auto-Delete Your Facebook account after your death

The post will address the issue of deleting or deactivating your facebook account permanently/temporary using just a link. The 2nd half will show you how to set automatic deletion of your facebook account on event of your death. content: deactivate facebook | delete facebook | autodelete Temporary Deactivate Facebook Account Fast link to deactivate facebook

Register / Create Instagram Account

How to Create an Instagram Account Instagram is a mobile app that you can download on iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as Windows Phone 8 and later. Keep in mind that you can only share photos and videos from the mobile app. To create an Instagram account from the app: Download the Instagram app for iOS

Instagram Story

Your story is a way of sharing photos and videos with your followers that disappear after 24 hours. Below is the official guide on how to share photos or videos to your Instagram stories. How to do an Instagram Story [toc] To share a photo or video to your story using the Instagram app: Tap  in