Cancel a Facebook Friend Request

How to Cancel a Facebook Friend Request.

The Fastest way to visit this link while logged in to your facebook account. Then Undo the Friend requests there.

Here is the Link:

cancel facebook friend requests

How do I remove or cancel a friend request I sent to someone?

The quicker way is actually using the mobile app (if you have a mobile device) and selecting ‘delete friend’…otherwise you could go to the “Activity Log”, located beneath the Cover Photo on your Timeline, on the page that appears go to the list on the left, click on “friends” ( If “friends” doesn’t appear, click “more”) …on the next page all of your friends are listed and you can update your friends one at at time from there.

Below is the official instruction

To cancel a friend request you sent:
  1. Go to your sent friend requests
  2. Hover over Friend Request Sent next to the request you’d like to cancel
  3. Select Cancel Request > Cancel Request


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